Waste Water Services

F M Event Service provides waste water solutions as part of our event plumbing service for festivals and events. We can also install waste water systems to fit any other need you have.

What we offer

We can install waste water systems for your festival or event, this can range from a single 1,000 litre waste tank up to 50,000 litres. The approach we take is relevant to your individual needs and requirements.

We will work with you on the initial design to make sure it meets your requirements. However, as your event expands we are more than happy to review them. And at any point, we can supply addition installations and services to ensure you have a hassle-free and safe system.

Holding tanks can be installed close to each area. Alternatively, we can install a waste management system to pump the waste away from your event.

For further peace of mind, we can offer consultancy if you so need. We want you to be happy with the work, and have the knowledge that your event is safe.

Other Services

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Bulk Water Delivery

Temporary water

Quality Assurance

Pure Water

All water provided by F M Event Services is wholesome drinking water adhering to regulation 4 of the water supply regulations. We ensure that all equipment, pipes, and fittings are WRAS approved to ensure water quality is kept. All our equipment complies with the water supply regulations 1999.
F M Event Services working practices comply to BS 8551:2015 provision and management of temporary water supplies and distribution networks code of practice. These standards of temporary water supply give us guidance on the provision of water to construction, festival, and events where it is the responsibly of the site managers and event organizers to ensure safe wholesome drinking water.

High Standards

Great Team

Our experienced team delivers safe and compliant installations. All staff hold a current EUSR card and have been trained in the installation of temporary wholesome water systems. They have 25+ years of delivering safe temporary drinking water to festivals and events up and down the UK.

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