Temporary water

F M Event Services can supply temporary water solutions to fit any need. Be that an emergency water supply in response to a natural disaster, a temporary water supply to new facilities, fresh drinking water for your festival, or bulk water delivery for construction sites.

What we offer

All our services are at your disposal, including bulk water delivery, large scale bottled water delivery, temporary water storage tanks, installations of water management systems, and anything else you may need.

We have the ability to store 1,000 to 100,000 litres of wholesome water in approved water tanks. However, thanks to the systems we provide, the volume of water stored can be limitless. All our water tanks are WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved. We only provide safe clean temporary water solutions.

As part of our services, we conduct an initial assessment. This ensures the correct systems are installed to meet the requirements for your festival or event.

The length of time you need a temporary water supply is not an issue. Along with the initial supply of wholesome water, we can schedule replenishments for as long as you need, in order to maintain a safe supply of water for your event.

If you are having a water outage and are in need of an emergency supply of water, we have you covered. F M Event Services can provide an alternative emergency water solution to suit your needs. And as with all our service, approved equipment and practices followed to comply with the drinking water regulations.

Other Services

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Quality Assurance

Pure Water

All water provided by F M Event Services is wholesome drinking water adhering to regulation 4 of the water supply regulations. We ensure that all equipment, pipes, and fittings are WRAS approved to ensure water quality is kept. All our equipment complies with the water supply regulations 1999.
F M Event Services working practices comply to BS 8551:2015 provision and management of temporary water supplies and distribution networks code of practice. These standards of temporary water supply give us guidance on the provision of water to construction, festival, and events where it is the responsibly of the site managers and event organizers to ensure safe wholesome drinking water.

High Standards

Great Team

Our experienced team delivers safe and compliant installations. All staff hold a current EUSR card and have been trained in the installation of temporary wholesome water systems. They have 25+ years of delivering safe temporary drinking water to festivals and events up and down the UK.

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